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© Australia 2008. Майна Гилгуд Maina Gielgud (ex-partner of Rudolf Nureyev). © 1996 Germany. Владимир Малахов Vladimir Malakhov.


35-Australian books by Yuri Matthew RYUNTYU about Russian Poetry & Literature: 111 libraries in RUSSIA + 35 КНИГ ЮРИ МЭТТЬЮ РЮНТЮ в 111 БИБЛИОТЕКАХ РОССИИ
© INTRODUCTION by Yuri Ryuntyu: The general purpose of dance is to preserve body language as spoken by the people. Modern and Academic Ballet is the key to expressing European Civilization itself. The most complicated and mature dance language represents the highest level of civilizations across time and history. It is how we view and remember events, a dance lingo to record the world around us.

THERE was No BALLET in Australia: 1900-1925. There was only a limited French influence in this budding society. The wealthy enjoyed French perfume and erotic prose, poetry and paintings in 1905-1915. Germans introduced sausages, medicine and military technology: 1900-1920. Italians and Greeks discovered spaghetti, pizza and baklava to the Australian palate in 1920-1925. Americans brought tap dancing and jazz to showbiz and washing powder to the housewives in 1922-1925. And Australians had already enjoyed over 100 years of Britain’s banking systems, university institutions, building societies and agricultural knowledge since 1810-1825.

Perhaps the most exciting surprise to Australian culture came with the tragic arrival of Russian refugees after the catastrophic collapse of the Russian Empire: 1917-1922. In other words, Russian top intellectuals instinctively began to sculpt a cultural environment, which was familiar to them, drawing from Russia’s rich cultural background in developing a new life style in their new home. The First Professional Ballet Performance took to the stage with Mr. Algeranoff in 1926. Russian Ballet was something of a gift to the Australian public.

Yuri Ryuntyu met personally 117 top intellectuals, about whom Rudolf Nureyev had ordered him to write and presented these books to them privately. Of course, Yuri Ryuntyu had met these people thousands of times before the books were created, doing hours of taped interviews for which he spent two years working in recording studios. 80 interviews were recorded in these sessions in Moscow and St.-Petersburg. Videos and CDs were originally created to carry these huge records of Russian oral history, art and culture.

Yuri Ryuntyu wrote 35 books about the Russian intellectual elite, one thousand life histories. He met personally over eighty Russian stars and recorded their histories to be heard. Rudolf Nureyev instructed Yuri Ryuntyu on the people he was to meet and those he was to research to preserve their personal opinions about the history of mankind and human civilization in Russia.

Оценить роль великой страны в национальной истории и определить место россиян в мировой культуре помогают ОТЕЧЕСТВЕННЫЕ И ЗАРУБЕЖНЫЕ КАТАЛОГИ. Искренних и бескорыстных друзей России приглашаю для участия в ПРОЕКТАХ ПО КУЛЬТУРОЛОГИИ РУССКОГО ЗАРУБЕЖЬЯ: 2008-2018. Началось грандиозное возвращение россиян в единое русло мировых эталонов христианской духовности и высокой культуры народов европейского содружества.

© "Why do we need these?" - Rudolf Nureyev asked. "Because we need life experience from these people and only on the basis of life experience can we make predictions for the future without states self-destruction and international wars..." - he underlined. "I wish good luck for Russia, but I would like to know the true color of the future for such a great civilization with over one thousand year’s historical record. Please remember..." - he said. "We have in Russia two hundred year old theaters, two hundred and fifty years of ballet and music as well as a great and the most fascinating literature and poetry to be found in the world which is over five hundred years old. Think about and be proud to keep this tradition well and fruitful from the beginning to the end of such a fascinating cultural project. I wish you good luck and God be with you." This Rudolf Nureyev said to me in Armidale (NSW) Australia on November 23, 1991.

© Russia 1992. Нуреев Рудольф в POCCИИ Nureyev Rudolf in St.- Petersburg, Russia. He met Margot Fonteyn - The President of Royal Ballet UK with Tamara Karsavina - The superstar of Imperial Russian Ballet and ex-partner of Vaslav (Vatslaw, Waslow) Nijinsky (1900-1917) and Matilda Kseshinskaya – The superstar of the Imperial Russian Ballet (1900-1917) in London, 1962.. © France 2006. Сильвие Гуллем by Sylvie Guillem (ex-partner of Rudolf Nureyev) in Paris. © 1998 Germany. Vladimir Malakhov Владимир Малахов.

35-Australian books by Yuri Matthew RYUNTYU about Russian Culture: 134 libraries in EUROPE + 35 КНИГ ЮРИ МЭТТЬЮ РЮНТЮ в 134 БИБЛИОТЕКАХ стран Европы


© UK 1962. Тамара Карсавина и Марго Фонтейн Margot Fonteyn & Tamara Karsavina

© Russia 2005. Academician Yuri Matthew Ryuntyu in Russia. Юри Рюнтю в POCCИИ. He met Madam Leonova (left) - The President of The State Academy of Choreography in Moscow. Московскaя Государственнaя Академия Хореографии, профессор Леоновa Маринa Константиновна (ректор) и ЮРИ МЭТТЬЮ РЮНТЮ, Россия, Москва. © Russia 2006. He met Madam Dorofeyeva - The Principal of The Agrippina Vaganova Ballet Academy in St.- Petersburg. Вагановскaя Балетнaя Академия, профессор Дорофеевa Верa Алексеевнa (ректор), Головинa Татьянa Ивановнa (проректор по учебной работе) и ЮРИ МЭТТЬЮ РЮНТЮ, Россия, Санкт-Петербург.

35-Australian books by Yuri Matthew RYUNTYU about Russian History: 42 libraries in PACIFIC & AUSTRALIA + 35 КНИГ ЮРИ МЭТТЬЮ РЮНТЮ в 42 БИБЛИОТЕКАХ Австралии и стран Тихого Океана


© UK 1961-1962. Матильда Ксешинская Matilda Kseshinskaya and students in London

35-Australian books by Yuri Matthew RYUNTYU about Multicultural Russian Religions: 24 libraries in CENTRAL ASIA & SOUTH ASIA + 35 КНИГ ЮРИ МЭТТЬЮ РЮНТЮ в 24 БИБЛИОТЕКАХ стран Центральной Азии и Южной Азии


© “The Majestic History of Russian Ballet” with “The list of Russian Native Dancers” - who particpated in this new cultural development in Australia. These super-edicated professioonals trained Top Russian Ballet Technique to the new generation of Australian dancers. 300 years of Russian Ballet Experience was taught in Australian studios over 30 years: 1926-1956 to create - what we recognise now as Crown Jewels among The World’s Dancers: XX-XXI Century. The sparkling personality and technical brilliance of Maina Gielgud (ex-partner of Rudolf Nureyev) is an example of the facinating cultural exchange leading to create this Australian National Heritage Achievement with a russian accent for The World.

©. 80 Stars of The Grand Imperial Russian Ballet St.-Petersburg: 1900 - 1917. Персонал Петербургского Императорского Балета POCCИЯ 1900-1917 Russia

35-Australian books by Yuri Matthew RYUNTYU about Russian Music, Theatre & Opera: 18 libraries in EAST ASIA + 35 КНИГ ЮРИ МЭТТЬЮ РЮНТЮ в 18 БИБЛИОТЕКАХ стран Восточной Азии

© Игорь Тальков и Юри Pюнтю o Poccии: © (Part 1) © (Part 2) © (Part 3) © (Part 4) © (Part 5) © (Part 6)

© Истина Проста Нет Россиян и России без Русского Языка
© Добрых Надежд и Уважения Достойны Россияне Кто Возрождает Ценности Tысячелетней Культуры Славян

© РЮНТЮ Юри Мэттью (2001) : «Абрис и Профиль Императорского Русского Балета». КУЛЬТУРОЛОГИЯ США, ЕВРОПЫ И РОССИИ: 1851-2001. Ryuntyu Yuri Matthew (2001). «Abreast and Profile of The Imperial Russian Ballet: 80 STARS». CULTUROLOGY USA, EUROPE AND RUSSIA: 1851-2001.
© РЮНТЮ Юри Мэттью (1997) : «ВЕЛИКИЕ НЕМЫЕ: Уланова, Дудинская, Эсамбаев, Плисецкая и Аюханов». КУЛЬТУРОЛОГИЯ ЕВРОПЫ, РОССИИ, УКРАИНЫ И КАЗАХСТАНА: 1910-1997. Ryuntyu Yuri Matthew (1997). «The Great Surrenders». CULTUROLOGY EUROPE AND RUSSIA: 1910-1997.
© РЮНТЮ Юри Мэттью (1998) : «Руди Нуриев: Без Макияжа». КУЛЬТУРОЛОГИЯ США, ГЕРМАНИИ, AНГЛИИ, ФРАНЦИИ, KАНАДЫ И РОССИИ: 1961-1993. Ryuntyu, Yuri Matthew, 1998. «Rudy Nureyev: Without Make-up»: «Rudi Noureev: Sans Maquillage». CULTUROLOGY FRANCE, CANADA AND RUSSIA: 1961-1993.
© РЮНТЮ, Юри Мэттью (1998) : “Суперзвезда и рок-идол: РУДОЛЬФ НУРЕЕВ И ФРЭДДИ МЕРКЮРИ”. КУЛЬТУРОЛОГИЯ ФРАНЦИИ, KАНАДЫ, ИТАЛИИ, ГЕРМАНИИ, AНГЛИИ, США И РОССИИ: 1961-1993. Ryuntyu, Yuri Matthew, 1997. «Ballet Superstar & Rock Idol: Rudolf Nureyev & Freddie Mercury». CULTUROLOGY FRANCE, CANADA, ITALY, GERMANY, UK, AUSTRALIA, USA AND RUSSIA: 1961-1993.
Cover: ISBN 978-0-9806446-0-9 Painting I am dying of AIDS by Rudolf Nureyev, 1989. Private Art Collection Charitable Organization The World Patrick White Intellectual Heritage: Australia in Cairns, Queensland, Australia. NLA ID: 4612411
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2009 Yuri Matthew Ryuntyu - Book 1: ISBN 978-0-9806446-0-9: "ROCK IDOL & SUPERSTAR: FREDDIE MERCURY and NUDOLF NUREYEV" published in Australia: " ROCK IDOL & SUPERSTAR ”: Nureyev Rudolf told: “I met beloved Freddie in a German nightclub (Berlin: 1986) and we started to talk not in English. Farsi was a common language between us, such a situation amused everyone around and everybody cheered ‘woohoo-hoo-hooo’. Nobody expected us to behave like that at all. This secret language created an instant love match between us and it was indeed an explosion of mutual love. This feeling of fascination for each other never left us... Love is monumental and fragile in chorus. Before ‘Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet’ (1591), parents treated their children as property investments, just a vessel for breeding so as to increase wealth generation by generation. Romeo and Juliet broke the Law and Order in the Educated Community, High Society and the Church. All of them were convinced that their so-called love was a simple rebellion, an attack on common sense, but a miracle happened - because in the heart of many people lives a dream of love without calculative boarders. The public was trapped and hypnotized by the magic of Shakespeare’s language; they found Romeo and Juliet rehabilitating over the centuries. It said: No - lust, No - hate for mum and dad, No - madness and No - egotism in Romeo and Juliet’s LOVE. NLA ID 44322536. Also book "ROCK IDOL & SUPERSTAR " published in Russia. Sold 108 000 copies: 2001-2009.

Cover: ISBN 978-0-9806446-1-6 Painting I am dying of AIDS by Rudolf Nureyev, 1989. Private Art Collection Charitable Organization The World Patrick White Intellectual Heritage: Australia in Cairns, Queensland, Australia.
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"RUDY NUREYEV: WITHOUT MAKE-UP": This is the very first Australian book with the aim of preparing us for the New Sexual Revolution that is already going on in our neighborhoods. We are expecting to soon establish a new gay-marriage institutional law and numerous gay marriage certifications holding a vast number of gay wedding ceremonies in public places. This book is written to eliminate brutal tensions between heterosexuals and gays, making us more flexible in our communication with people who belong to a community with completely different psychology and sexuality. Temptations are irresistible between men watching each other’s nakedness in the sports and recreational areas of our booming, hedonistic, sophisticated Aussie cities – sport clubs, swimming pools, pubs, saunas, tennis courts, public toilets and never-ending beaches. Perhaps a husband, who finishing his sexual ritual, a minute later rolls over and begins snoring in musical dreams… dreams beyond her imagination. He is a customer to the homosexual and bisexual worlds. As one of the wealthiest and most multicultural nations in the world, we are building our culture on a base of harmony and peace with the gay community of Australia.

‘Yuri’s Rudolf Nureyev With-Out Make-Up’ has moved the Aussie Public Opinion Pool in the direction to believe - there was; No - drugs, No - grass, No - lust, No - hate for mom and dad, No - madness and egotism in Gay LOVE. Gay’s LOVE says - I do NOT need your Superannuation my Dearest Parents. Gay’s LOVE says - I do NOT need your Land and Bank Accounts my Dearest Parents. I am not your Property anymore. Gay’s LOVE says - I do NOT need your Blessings my Dear Churchmen, if I am discommunicated by my Church - My LOVE is my GOD.

This book is dedicated to three courageous Aussie senators and their gay-partners, who represent Gay Pride and Gay and Lesbian Culture in Australia.

To the Honorable Senator Bob Brown and his gay-partner Mr. Paul Thomas (1996). He is the 1st openly gay member of the Parliament of Australia (1996), and an Australian Leader of the Greens (2005). Mr. Brown Robert James (27 December 1944) born in Oberon, NSW, Australia.

To the Honorable Senator Penny Wong. She is the 2nd openly gay member of the Australian Commonwealth cabinet (2007), and the first Asian-born federal minister (2007). Mss Wong Penelope Ying Yen (5 November 1968) born in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

To the Honorable Senator Louise Pratt and her gay transvestite partner Mr. Aram Hosie since 2006. She is the 3rd openly gay member of the Australian Commonwealth cabinet (2008). Mss Pratt Louise Clare (18 April 1972) born in Kalgoorlie, WA, Australia.

Also book "Rudolf Nureyev: without Make-up" published in Russia: NLA ID 11952591- ISBN: 5-7020-0981-9 Sold 310 000 copies: 1995-2009.

YURI RYUNTYU 2001-2011: The 15 Cultural Projects on the 15 WEB-sites from AUSTRALIA:

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